How it Works

3 click process

How to use certifi?

Certifi lets you issue blockchain powered certificates for training programs or degrees. All you have to do is upload your recipient list and we will automatically generate certificates as per your format and automatically email all participants.

All certificates are stored on a blockchain network and is verifiable 24x7. Besides the ease of issuing certificates, Certifi helps you eliminate certificate fraud. The blockchain record ensures that the data cannot be tampered with or modified, and adds authenticity to the certificate issued by your organization. We also provide participants with a special link to add the verifiable certificate on their LinkedIn profile.

There are no charges involved to verify a certificate once it is issued.

Certifi is in private beta now, we will soon release our public versions. Register for the beta access to get early access to the platform. Signup here to use certifi at no cost!

No. To verify your certificate, simply enter your unique ID and hit verify here. Signup is meant for certificate issuers and not for participants.

Blockchain is a decentralised and immutable record of data. Its used in high stakes applications where data integritiy is paramount. We, along with our university partners have developed India's first decentralised certificates platform. Your data is safely stored on the Blockchain and cannot be manipulated or tampered.

Due to the decentralised and immutable nature of blockchain we will not be able to make any edits for you (its a feature!) However if you do not want your certificate to be available publicly, please write to us at Do remember that removing from public view means employers or recruiters will not be able to verify your certificate.

You can click the special link sent to you in the certifi email to add the certificate to your profile


  • 1) Open your LinkedIn profile and go to certifications session
  • 2) Click on add new cerificate button
  • 3) Name :- Name of the Event
  • 4) Issuing Organization :- Issuer or search Certifi Blockchain Network
  • 5) Credential ID :- Certificate Id
  • 6) Credential URL :-$CERTIFICATE-ID$. For eg :-
  • 7) Click Save

Please write to us at